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A revolutionary digital & innovative platform,

Agrospectrum connects farmers, traders, processors, and other stakeholders,

creating a seamless and efficient agro ecosystem.



The Aggregation module looks at ensuring convenience in the produce aggregation process. It allows aggregators to purchase produce from both farmers and community aggregators at the market rate.

The module uses an Internet-of-Things (IoT) system. Thus, it is integrated with hardware components to ensure that both the quality and quantity meet the right pricing. This solution is linked to the Broadspectrum Digital Payments platform, which is integrated with telcos to facilitate the payments being made to the farmers.

Input Subsidy Program

The Subsidy is a 7-step process, which begins with registration or on-boarding of farmers who are not already registered in the system, after which there is the establishment of the subsidy rate and allocation to beneficiaries.

Thereafter, a reconciliation and settlement system is also established to determine how beneficiaries will get access to the inputs. The subsidy module registers input supply chain members or providers like wholesalers and retailers to track the redemption process.


This is also known as the farmer registration process. The term KYC refers to Know Your Customer. The farmer KYC takes the farmer through an on-boarding process or registration where data and biometric entries are taken to allow the farmers to become integrated into a client’s system.

It was first used by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) for the E-Agric programme for the five northern regions of Ghana. The application is a mobile and web-based software, which all other institutions can adopt to collect data devoid of errors.

Input Credit Management System

The input credit management system allows VCAs and Aggregators to give farmers access to inputs on credit and pay back with produce. This product digitalizes the input-credit process while promoting efficiency and productivity on the part of the farmer.

The product allows for easy documentation and management of inputs given at the beginning of the farming season, expected returns, provides farmers with agronomic advice, allows agents to monitor farmers' progress during the season, and adherence to timely schedules of farm practices.


The marketplace solution is a virtual platform for agribusinesses to curate and transact with other value chain actors whose services they may need. It has a messaging feature and a top-up feature that allows businesses to disburse funds to the other businesses they work with.

Climate Smart Agriculture

This solution by Agrospectrum Limited focuses on providing climate-friendly agricultural information, predicting weather, disaster risk mitigation, and agronomic advice through channels like Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR), a call center, and SMS to farmers intermittently in various languages.

Currently, it is available in nine local languages, English, and French. It provides cultivation advice for twelve crops with plans underway to integrate many other crops.
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