The Agricultural Value Chain

We provide an ecosystem that enables all players in the

agricultural supply chain to function with ease.

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The nation’s best digital Agric Platform

Agrospectrum Limited, a leading force in the agricultural sector, is dedicated to transforming traditional agricultural paradigms and empowering stakeholders across the value chain. With a primary focus on Africa, we endeavor to create an inclusive marketplace that caters to the diverse needs of farmers, government agencies, financial institutions, and service providers.

Why Work with us?


We offer a comprehensive suite of Agricultural Supply Chain Management tools.

Agrospectrum stands as an innovative leader in Ghana's evolving agricultural industry, with the potential to revolutionize the sector through the application of digital technology. Our dedicated team fosters diversity and provides value chain actors with the technology to serve smallholder farmers, offering access to capital, markets, and knowledge.

Unlocking Ghana's Agricultural


Ghana's agricultural sector holds an immense potential, brimming with untapped opportunities. Agrospectrum is committed to unlocking this potential by providing a digital infrastructure that empowers all stakeholders, from farmers to table. Our platform is not merely a tool; it is a catalyst for Ghana's agricultural revolution.
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Farmers Registered
Districts Covered
Farming Hectares
4.7+ Acres
Average farm size
GH¢ 0M+
Funds Transfered
0+ Tonnes
Inputs Distributed
Where We Are Now
In the collection of data from farmers, Agrospectrum Limited has covered the five northern regions, which include:
The next step is to enumerate all farmers in the southern part of the country onto the platform, aiming to improve efficiency in the input credit and subsidy programs by eliminating the manual system.
  • Mission

    To lead the transformation of global agriculture through innovative digital technologies fostering sustainable growth and resilience for generations to come.
  • Vision

    To empower agricultural communities through seamless digital solutions, driving efficiency and prosperity across the entire value chain

Our Projects

The Nations’s Best Digital Agric Platform

An AFDB funded project to train women and youth led Enterprise Support Organizations (ESOs) digitally.


Developed and implemented E- Agriculture Management Platform.


Development of an Electronic Fertiliser Subsidy Redemption Management System.


Developed and implemented E- Agricultural Management Platform in collaboration with SAPIP.

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Our Team & Experts
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Xose Ahlijah
Snr. Technology Lead
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Castro Antwi Danso
General Manager
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Otis Apaloo
Data Analyst & Field Coordinator
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